TradeWire provides traders a robust toolkit of AI-powered products for intelligent analytics and execution. Our state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning transforms complex financial data into actionable insights you can leverage. Let’s explore TradeWire’s suite of cutting-edge capabilities combining powerful predictive analytics with easy-to-use trading tools. 

Timely & Accurate Trading Signals 

At our core are real-time trading signals identifying profitable opportunities across assets generated by advanced AI algorithms. Our machine learning models analyze vast financial datasets to detect inefficiencies and directional momentum ahead of the market. 

TradeWire provides timely signals to buy, sell or short stocks, forex, crypto, commodities and more to capitalize on volatility shifts and sentiment changes before the crowd reacts. The AI-based signals have proven to be highly profitable for our users, with over 75% accuracy in backtesting. 

Insightful Financial Statements 

Fundamental analysis is also easier with our AI-summarized financial statements. Our natural language algorithms read filings and reports to automatically generate summaries, saving investors time. Identify earnings surprises, management changes and insights. 

The summaries extract key metrics, financial ratios, segment performance, and other details within seconds. Our AI fundamental analysis capabilities help uncover opportunities traditional screeners may miss.

Economic Calendar with Countdowns 

Never miss key economic events that move markets. Our interactive economic calendar tracks important announcements with countdowns to earnings, data releases, rate decisions and more. Get notifications for upcoming catalysts. 

Be the first to react to news with in-app alerts right when new data crosses the wires to get a jump on shifting sentiment. The economic calendar ensures you never miss market-moving events. 

Engaging Financial Infographics 

Digest complex financial data easily with our engaging infographic visualizations powered by AI. Interactive charts, graphs and animations provide insights into market trends, economic indicators, corporate performance and more. 

Visualizations make it effortless to spot patterns in technical indicators, compare a company's financial ratios over time, analyze sentiment shifts, and more. The dynamic infographics allow engaging with data in a whole new way compared to static charts. 

Curated News & Breaking Alerts 

Stay informed on the latest developments with our real-time news feed curated by AI for relevance. Get breaking alerts on your holdings pushed directly to your mobile. Monitor news sentiment and insider activity.

 Our news analysis algorithms scan thousands of sources to deliver news customizable to your watchlist and trading style. 

Customizable Trading Scripts 

Automate your unique trading strategies by building customizable scripts with our easy scripting tools. Backtest scripts for reliability before live trading. Modify and optimize as you develop your algorithmic models.

 You can script technical indicators, customize charting, set trade entry/exit rules, implement machine learning models, and more without any coding required. The scripts support a large variety of technical indicators and can be combined in endless ways for your algorithms. 

Robust Screeners 

Our customizable screeners allow filtering by valuations, fundamentals, technicals and proprietary factors to discover new opportunities aligned with your trading style. 

Screeners are highly flexible, allowing combining dozens of filters based on financial metrics, ratios, technical indicators, analyst ratings, earnings surprises, volume patterns, and more. 

Access to Elite Technology 

TradeWire makes advanced AI and powerful analytics accessible to any level trader regardless of experience and account size. Our mission is to tear down the technological barriers that have historically given Wall Street firms an unfair advantage. 

We believe every trader should leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance their market intelligence. Sign up now to experience the benefits firsthand. 


With TradeWire’s diverse product suite, traders now have a centralized platform to execute strategies from research to risk management leveraging the predictive power of AI. The future of intelligent trading is here. Sign up and see for yourself how TradeWire gives you an edge.