About TradeWire

Welcome to TradeWire – Global AI Trading Platform, your ultimate destination for intelligent trading solutions in the financial markets. Our journey began in 2015 when our team united under the umbrella of a prop trading company.

With a primary focus on mechanical and algorithmic trading systems, we ventured into speculative trading, market making, and exploring opportunities in the options market.

Over the span of 8 years, our collective efforts led to the successful development of numerous algorithms and software solutions rooted in our proprietary investment strategies. However, it was in 2019 that we made a significant leap forward by integrating the power of AI into our protocols. This groundbreaking move resulted in an impressive 82% increase in our annual returns, solidifying our commitment to harnessing cutting-edge technology for optimal trading outcomes.

Driven by our relentless pursuit of innovation, in 2022, we embarked on an ambitious journey to develop a state-of-the-art platform that would revolutionize trading for individuals and institutions worldwide.

Today, we proudly introduce you to TradeWire– the culmination of our expertise, passion, and dedication. TradeWire is an AI-based trading signal platform that provides a comprehensive suite of products and tools designed to empower traders and investors. Our offerings include advanced screeners, customizable trading strategy scripts, timely and accurate signals, visually engaging infographics, insightful financial reports, and much more. Join us on this transformative journey as we redefine the future of trading through cutting-edge technology and unparalleled expertise.

Experience the power of TradeWire – where intelligent trading meets limitless possibilities.

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At TradeWire, our mission is to empower you with the fundamental and indispensable information necessary to make profitable trading and investment decisions.

While artificial intelligence plays a crucial role in generating signals, it’s important to recognize that unforeseen factors can impact their accuracy. Achieving 100% signal accuracy is simply not feasible. On average, we maintain an impressive accuracy rate of approximately 75-80% with our signals. We understand that financial markets are complex and dynamic, and no single entity, whether human or artificial intelligence, can possess all-encompassing knowledge.

To enhance the value of our signals and empower you to make informed decisions independently, we provide an extensive repository of essential market information. We believe that arming you with comprehensive knowledge will enable you to leverage our signals effectively and develop a deeper understanding of the market landscape.

Our mission is to be your trusted partner on your trading journey, providing you with the insights, information, and resources you need to unlock your full potential and achieve your financial goals.

TradeWire Trading System
*Simplified TradeWireAI architecture
  • Historical Market Data: The trading process starts with collecting and storing historical market data, such as stock prices, trading volumes, and other relevant financial indicators.
  • Data Preprocessing and Feature Engineering: The collected data undergoes preprocessing and feature engineering steps, including cleaning, normalization, and extraction of relevant features.
  • Machine Learning Model Training: AI algorithms, such as neural networks, decision trees, or reinforcement learning, are trained on the preprocessed data to learn patterns and make predictions or decisions.
  • Model Evaluation and Validation: The trained models are evaluated and validated using appropriate techniques such as backtesting, cross-validation, or out-of-sample testing.
  • Trading Decision-Making Algorithm: Based on the trained models, a trading decision-making algorithm is developed. This algorithm takes into account real-time market data, news, and the predictions made by the AI models.
  • Real-Time Market Data and News: Sophisticated algorithm efficiently receives and analyzes real-time market data and news feeds to incorporate up-to-date information into the trading decisions.
  • AI Trading Execution System: The trading execution system receives signals or instructions from the decision-making algorithm and executes trades based on these signals.
  • Trade Execution and Management: The execution system handles the actual trade execution, including order placement, real-time trade monitoring, and comprehensive risk management.
  • Market Monitoring: The trading system continuously monitors the market to track the performance of executed trades and identify potential opportunities or risks.
  • Profit Evaluation: The profitability of the trades is evaluated and measured against predefined metrics, enabling performance assessment and feedback to improve the AI models and trading strategies.