Platform development
November 2022: Initiation of platform development
September 2023: Official launch of the platform
February 2024: Incorporating a company in Hong Kong (TradeWireAI LTD. BRN 76188739)
March 2024: Launch of a widget with trading signals for partners (tech docs)
April 2024: Token listing on decentralized exchanges (DEX)
July 2024: Expansion of trading signals, increasing to 100 signals per week
August 2024: Inclusion of stock trading signals
September 2024: Deployment of section with Financial statements of companies
October 2024: Deployment of our proprietary Economic calendar
November 2024: Deployment of our proprietary Screeners
Q1 2025: Integration of the signals widget with exchanges and brokerage terminals
Q2 2025: Token listing on centralized exchanges (CEX)
Token Distribution Policy
Token Distribution
TradeWire AI Token: TWAI (ERC-20)

1. Access to the platform will be free until the end of May, allowing full access to TradeWireAl's tools and showcasing the opportunities it offers.

2. From April 10 to April 20, TradeWireAl will conduct an AirDrop/Bounty campaign distributing 10 million TWAI tokens

3. Following the AirDrop, the TWAI token will be listed on the Uniswap exchange from April 22-23.

4. Starting June 1, platform access will require a paid subscription, purchasable only with TWAI tokens. The monthly subscription fee will be $20, while an annual subscription will cost $90.

5. The deflationary model of TWAI includes burning tokens quarterly, including those used for subscription payments.

6. Assuming a token value of $0.01, all issued TWAI tokens could be burned within 36 months. A higher token value will slow the burning process, whereas a lower value will accelerate it.

7. Revenue from the team’s token sales will fund the platform's development.

Terms of participation

1. Publish a post on one of your social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Telegram, or Discord) about our platform.
Your post must include one of the following messages:

“Until the end of May, get Al-based trading signals from TradeWireAl for FREE.”

"Purchase TWAI tokens (the Al-based trading signals platform) on Uniswap, available on April 22-23."

“Experience over 80% success rate with trading signals from TradeWireAl — FREE until the end of May!”

Important: Your post must include a link to our official website: Feel free to use any image from online sources

2. Submit your post link and your ERC-20 address to to be eligible to receive tokens.

3. Token distribution to the provided addresses will occur on April 20-21.

4. Reward for posting: You will receive 25,000 TWAI tokens as a reward for your post.

5. The reward is cumulative if you publish the post on multiple social networks. For instance, if you post on both Twitter and Telegram, you will receive a total of 50,000 TWAI tokens.